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If you or your child has an ear infection, your doctor may prescribe Cortisporin-TC. This medication comes in the form of ear drops, and the price for a 10ml Cortisporin-TC ear drop bottle is usually around $100-$200. Your insurance plan may cover all or part of the Cortisporin-TC cost, but if it does not and y ... Read more

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Cortisporin-Tc Information:

What is Cortisporin-TC?

Cortisporin-TC is a combination antibiotic and steroid used to treat ear canal infections. In addition to stopping the infection, it can provide relief for symptoms such as irritation, redness, and discomfort. It has been approved for use in both children and adults.

How do I take Cortisporin-TC?

Clean and dry the ear canal with a sterile cotton swab before using Cortisporin-TC drops. When you are ready, lie down and tilt your head with your infected ear facing up, pull your earlobe up and back, and carefully squeeze the prescribed number of drops into the ear. Remain in this position with your ear facing up for about 5 minutes so that the medication doesn’t leak out. If you are administering this medication to a child, pull their earlobe down and back instead of up and back, and try to keep their ear facing up for at least 1 minute after application.

Before taking Cortisporin-TC, tell your doctor if:

  • You are allergic to this or any other medications
  • You are taking any other prescription or non-prescription drugs or supplements
  • You have any other ear problems in addition to the infection (e.g. a punctured eardrum)
  • You have the herpes simplex virus
  • You are breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant

What are the possible side effects of taking Cortisporin-TC?

Serious side effects of Cortisporin-TC are rare, but some people have reported new signs of ear irritation, such as swelling, redness, rash, or itching, after using this medication. Let your doctor know if you have any of these side effects and they persist or worsen, or you have any other side effects that concern you.

What if I forget to take a dose of Cortisporin-TC?

If you forget to apply Cortisporin-TC ear drops at your usual time, apply the missed dose as soon as possible. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed application and resume your regular schedule.

How do I store Cortisporin-TC?

Keep this medication tightly sealed in its original container, away from bright light, moisture, and temperature extremes. Do not allow it to freeze. As with all prescription drugs, keep Cortisporin-TC out of reach of children and pets. If your medication has expired or you no longer need it, ask your pharmacist how to safely dispose of it.

What happens if I overdose on Cortisporin-TC?

It is unlikely that you will overdose on Cortisporin-TC when applying it to your ears, but using more drops than have been prescribed may increase your risk of side effects. If you are experiencing any unusual side effects, or if you or someone in your household has swallowed some of this medication, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 right away.


Continue using Cortisporin-TC for the entire prescribed length of treatment, even if your symptoms begin clearing up after a couple days. Stopping an antibiotic too soon may cause the infection to return and become more resistant to the medication. If your ear infection symptoms don’t improve after a week of using Cortisporin-TC, contact your doctor to find out what to do. Do not continue using this medication for more than 10 days unless your doctor has given you permission to do so.


Brand Names

Cortisporin-TC is a brand name drug containing colistin, neomycin, thonzonium, and hydrocortisone. This same combination of active ingredients is also available under the name Coly-Mycin S. Talk to your doctor to determine which medication is best for your condition. Browse our site for coupons for Cortisporin-TC and any other variations.

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Cortisporin-Tc Information:

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