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Methylphenidate ER may be prescribed as part of a treatment program for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also sometimes prescribed to treat narcolepsy. This oral medication is typically taken once a day, and the cost for 30 methylphenidate ER tablets (a one-month supply) is usually around ... Read more

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Methylphenidate Er Information:

What is methylphenidate ER?

Methylphenidate ER is an extended release stimulant that helps manage the symptoms of ADHD, such as inattention and behavioral problems. It is also sometimes prescribed off-label to treat the sleeping disorder narcolepsy. It enhances the effects of certain chemicals (including norepinephrine and dopamine), which is believed to improve an individual’s ability to concentrate and stay focused on tasks while reducing impulsive behavior.

How do I take methylphenidate ER?

Take methylphenidate ER exactly as directed by your doctor, usually once a day in the morning with plenty of water. Don’t chew or split open the tablet, as this may cause the medicine to be released too soon. Don’t suddenly stop taking this medication without talking to your doctor; if you do need to stop taking methylphenidate ER, your doctor may need to gradually reduce your dose to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Before taking methylphenidate ER, tell your doctor if:

  • You are allergic to this medication or have any other food or drug allergies
  • You are taking any other prescription or non-prescription drugs or supplements
  • You have used an MAO inhibitor within the past 14 days
  • You have glaucoma
  • You have a personal or family history of Tourette’s syndrome or muscle tics
  • You have a history of severe anxiety or agitation
  • You have high blood pressure or any heart problems
  • You have stomach, intestinal, or throat problems
  • You have a history of mental illness or suicidal thoughts
  • You have blood circulation problems
  • You have had an abnormal brain wave test
  • You have a history of substance abuse
  • You have a seizure disorder
  • You are breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant

What are the possible side effects of taking methylphenidate ER?

The most common side effects of this medication include nervousness or irritability, headache, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Methylphenidate ER may also make it difficult to fall asleep if you take it too late in the day. Let your doctor know if you have any mild side effects that get worse or last a long time, and contact your doctor immediately if you have any serious side effects, including numbness or pain in your fingers or toes, unusual mental or mood changes, an irregular heart rate, muscle tics, uncontrollable vocal outbursts, vision changes, or an erection that lasts more than four hours. Get emergency medical attention if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, fainting, or seizures.

What if I forget to take a dose of methylphenidate ER?

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember, unless it is later than 6pm (taking your medication too late in the day increases the likelihood of insomnia). Never double your dose in an effort to make up for a missed one.

How do I store methylphenidate ER?

Keep your medication in a tightly sealed container at room temperature. Do not leave it anywhere that children or someone with a history of drug addiction can access. If you no longer need methylphenidate ER and have leftover tablets, ask your pharmacist how to safely dispose of them.

What happens if I overdose on methylphenidate ER?

Overdosing on methylphenidate ER can be very dangerous and may lead to excessive sweating, muscle twitching, agitation or confusion, vomiting, hallucinations, seizures, and loss of consciousness. Get emergency medical help if you or someone in your home has overdosed on this drug.


Don’t drink alcohol while taking methylphenidate ER, since alcohol can cause this extended release medicine to be released in your bloodstream too quickly. Be careful driving or performing any other tasks that require alertness until you know how this medication affects you.


Brand Names

Methylphenidate ER is a generic drug; its brand name equivalent is Concerta. Ritalin is another ADHD medication that has methylphenidate as an active ingredient, but it isn’t an extended release drug. No matter what medication your doctor prescribes for you and your child, remember to use a coupon from our site to save at the pharmacy. You may be able to get a maximum discount of 75% on methylphenidate ER, Concerta or Ritalin.

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Methylphenidate Er Information:

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